Post Hire Charges

Deductions that may be applied at the end of your hire

At the end of your hire your vehicle will be inspected to ensure that it has been returned in the same condition that it was handed over to you. We rarely get damage, but sometime scapes occur and it is necessary make deductions from the security bond. We are very fair and will not charge you for small chips here and there. However, obvious damage has to be repaired so that our campervans remain in tip top condition.

Inventory, fuel charges and time related charges

Diesel fuel not returned full - (we will provide you a full tank of fuel at the start of your hire) If you return your campervan short of fuel, we will re-fill the van and make the appropriate deduction from your security bond. We will not load on extra charges.
Late return of vehicle  Vehicle daily rate + £250 per day unless formally agreed in advance with our office - this is because the vehicle may be booked out to another hirer.
Toilet cassette/holiding tank If you return your toilet cassette without being emptied and cleaned, a charge of £75 shall apply.
Speeding Our vehicles are fitted with a GPS tracking system that alerts us when any vehicle speeds exceed 75 miles per hour. Our vehicles should not be driven at speeds above 70 miles per hour. Each overspeeding alert is charged at £100. Drive safely and responsibly.
Valet cleaning charge If the vehicle is returned in a poor overall state of cleanliness then a charge of £200 shall be made to restore the cleanliness to an acceptable level.
Tyre damage Any tyre damage found to tyres will incur a replacement tyre charge of up to £250 per tyre.
Awning & roof damage  Awning and roof damage is not covered by the Collission Damage Waiver (CDW) - This is not covered by insurance and you are responsible for the full repair cost.

Non insurable damage

At the start of your hire any pre-existing exterior/interior damage will be advised and indictaed on your Rental Agreement.

The following list shows examples of items that are considered uninsurable and are not included in the CDW cover, If new damage is found in the post hire inspection to any of the items listed, the charges will be deducted from the the security bond paid or charged to the credit card supplied on Credit Cardholder  Authorisation form.

Wheel arches and Bumpers 

Up to £1250

Interrior light £100 per light
Interior scrapes and scuffs. Flooring, doors and interior walls found with scratches or scuffs  £50 per each repair
Freshwater contamination (e.g. fuel in fresh water tank) £1250
Habitation Window scratch £75 per window
Habitation window crack/break £500 per window
Table damage £300 per table
Windscreen/side windows  £500 per window
Wing mirror glass damage  £200 per mirror 
Wing mirror housing damage  £500 per mirror
Running lights £50 per light
Light cluster  £500 per cluster
Upholstery tears/unremovable stains £1250

Non listed items  (including bodywork/paintwork damage) will be charged at costs of replacement parts and labour £80 per hour.

All prices exclude VAT at 20%