Where to stay

Camping in Britain and Europe

Independent campsites
There are literally thousands of small independent campsites that do not require you to join a club in advance. These are often discovered by literally driving around and following the signposts locally. Rgional tourist information services list their nearby sites, and this may involve making a visit in person and obtaining a list of camping sites.


If you prefer to plan a little more in advance one of the best campsite search and booking tools for Britain and Europe is through the Pitchup website. There are literally thousands of sites listed so this website is a must for anybody looking for the widest choice of campsites.

For more information and booking see https://www.pitchup.com/

An alternative campsite booking service to Pitchup and certainly worth trying if you are looking for independent campsites: https://www.campsites.co.uk/

Club Sites for Members

In the UK there are 2 notable organisations that work predominantly on fee-based membership:

The Caravan & Motorhome Club

The Caravan & Motorhome Club is the original club which was previously known as the Caravan Club. Formed in 1907, the Caravan & Motorhome Club now offers access to over 3000 sites in the UK and Europe. For more information on The Caravan & Motorhome Club see their website https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/

The Camping and Caravanning Club

The Camping and Caravanning Club offers a limited number of sites through most campervan and motorhome rental companies, including Campervan Tours. However, it should be noted that their full list is only available to paid up members.

The Camping and Caravanning Club can be found at this link https://www.campingandcaravanningclub.co.uk/

Discount Camping Card

Camping Card ASCI

This is a campsite guide with a discount card that offers the lowest prices for off peak camping. There are over 3600 participating sites across the Europe. If you are planning a winter break in Europe, this is the card to have as there are considerable savings on the listed campsite low season fees (compared to staying on the same sites without an ASCI card). Further details can be found on the ASCI website https://www.campingcard.co.uk

Free Camping & Pub Stopovers
Smart Camper

Smart Camper is an online map-based list of free camping locations throughout the Britain and Ireland. The locations are mostly pub car parks that are generally accommodating to motorhomes and campervans stopping over for the night  http://smartcamper.campervantours.com/

Search for Sites

Search for Sites is a a great online resource which features all types of camping locations throughout the UK and Europe:  https://www.searchforsites.co.uk/


Brit Stops is a directory of over 1000 hosts who welcome campervans and motorhomes for nightly stopovers, mostly without charge. The directory is professionally managed by a dedicated team to ensure that their directory is as up to date as possible. Campervan Tours recommends this guide and provides a copy in any of our own campervans. If you would like to order your own personal copy ahead of your trip, you can do so at this link https://www.britstops.com/welcome.php

Motorhome Wild Camping 

This is another great source of places that you can generally stay for free.


Guide Books and Maps

Vicarious Media offer the widest range of specialist books, guides and atlases for travelling by campervan and motorhome throughout Britain and Europe. It has to be said that there is still a place for printed materials on a road trip, where wifi and mobile phone signal can’t always be taken for granted. More information on Vicarious Media can be found on this link