Small & friendly campervan rental in the UK

Why hire a campervan from Campervan Tours?

About us

Campervan Tours is a small family run campervan hire company in Cambridge (UK). We operate a fleet of around 20 campervans, all of which are fully kitted out to the highest standard. Each and every campervan we have is part of our family. From our smallest classic VW Transporters to the latest luxury campervans, all are incredibly well cared for and maintained to the highest standards.

Our origins and the story so far

Campervan Tours (part of International Friends Ltd) was established in 2002 by Martin Robinson, who started his career in the travel industry back in 1988. Martin has worked for independent and leading brands in the travel and tour operating industry before starting his own very sucessful tour operating company in 2002.  In 2013, Martin combined his passion for travel with his personal interest in campervans and the Campervan Tours brand was created!

Expert advice on campervans

Being well seasoned users of  campervans, we know the systems inside out. There is probably no question about campervans that we cannot answer. Everything from off-grid camping, extended touring, family campervans, winter camping, travelling in hot climates, limitations, gas (types, availability and safety), 12 volt living, fridges, electric hookups, recharging the batteries 

We have thought of almost everything so you don't have to:

Our Staff

To work for Campervan Tours, our staff have to demonstrate that they have a strong interest in campervans and touring.  As a small team, we literally live and breathe everything to do with campervans so that our customers can benefit from our first hand experience.

Everyone, no matter what they do for the company genuinly has a passion for campervans and touring. It is in our DNA and is exemplified in the products and services that we provide .