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Why hire a campervan from Campervan Tours?

About Us

Campervan Tours is a family-run campervan rental business located in the heart of Cambridge, UK. Our fleet comprises approximately 20 meticulously outfitted campervans, each representing a cherished member of our extended family. We offer a variety of models, from the cosy classic VW Transporters to cutting-edge luxury campervans. Regardless of size or sophistication, every vehicle receives devoted care to ensure it meets the highest standards of excellence.

Our Origins and the Journey So Far

Campervan Tours, a division of International Friends Ltd, was founded in 2002 by Martin Robinson, a seasoned professional who began his travel industry journey in 1988, drew upon his wealth of experience from roles within both independent enterprises and prominent travel brands. In 2013, driven by his passion for travel and personal fascination with campervans, Martin seamlessly combined these interests to create the iconic Campervan Tours brand.

Expert Campervan Advice

As avid campervan enthusiasts with extensive experience, we’re intimately familiar with every aspect of campervan operations. Whether it’s about off-grid camping, long trips, family setups, winter stays, hot climate travel, limitations, gas options and safety, 12-volt living, fridges, electric hookups, or battery recharging, there's hardly a campervan question we can't address.

We’ve thought of almost everything so you don’t have to:

Our Staff

At Campervan Tours, our team shares a string passion for campervans and exploration. We carefully choose staff members who hold genuine enthusiasm for these aspects. Working closely together, we fully immerse ourselves in the world of campervans, using our first-hand expertise to enhance our customers’ experiences.

Every team member, regardless of their role, is fuelled by a love for campervans and touring. This enthusiasm is deeply ingrained within our organisation, and it shines through in the quality of our offerings and services.


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